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UVA in Valencia

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Commerce (spring only)

  • Students have to take at least two Spanish courses.
  • Spanish Prerequisites: Completed at least SPAN 2020-Advanced Intermediate Spanish or the equivalent.
  • Students enrolled in the SPAN 4050 are required to attend all business symposia and activities offered throughout the session.
  • Third Year students int he McIntire School interested in this program must complete the "UVA Commerce: Semester Abroad" application by September 23, 2016.

Site visits and symposia make up a showcase for diverse types and facets of European, Spanish and specifically Valencian regional business and industry including: wholesale and retail food, ceramics for construction, wine, furniture, travel, publicity and marketing, import/export industries.

Commerce Course Offering

In addition to the Spanish courses listed below , students can select from the following University of Virginia direct credit commerce courses which will be taught in English:

COMM 2020 Introduction to Management Accounting

COMM 3120 Intermediate Accounting II

COMM 3200 Project Management

COMM 3330 Marketing Research Techniques

COMM 4310 Global Marketing


Course descriptions:

COMM 2020 Introduction to Management Accounting

A continuation of COMM 2010 that examines accounting's problem-solving contributions to management. Emphasizes planning, control, performance measurement, cost behavior, ethics, and information for special decisions. Prerequisite: COMM 2010-Introduction to Financial Accounting or the equivalent.

COMM 3120 Intermediate Accounting II

Continuation of COMM 3110-Intermediate Accounting, with emphasis on accounting for the equities of a firm’s investors and creditors. Continues to focus on financial accounting issues including financial instruments, asset impairment and long-term debt. Prerequisite: COMM 3110 or the equivalent.

COMM 3200 Project Management

The primary objective of this course is to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the effective management of projects. To this end, the course consists of seminars on such topics as planning, stakeholder management, team management, risk management, measuring project value, and leading change; workshops on estimation, scheduling and negotiation; and tutorials on project management tools and techniques. Prerequisite: Minimum of 18 credit hours in business courses.

COMM 3330 Marketing Research Techniques

The basic objective of this course is to develop a general understanding of research methodology as a prerequisite to the intelligent use of research results in marketing management. Thus, the course is designed to provide an introductory background that enables the student to evaluate the potential value of proposed research and to assess the relevance, reliability, and validity of existing research. This research-evaluation ability requires knowledge of the language and techniques of marketing research, including research designs, data collection instruments, sample designs, and varieties of data analysis. Prerequisite: Minimum of 18 credit hours in business courses.

COMM 4310 Global Marketing

Examines the concept of global marketing and the institutions, literature, managerial processes, models and/or frameworks, strategies, tactics, and theories related to marketing in the global arena. The impact of international economics, culture, and nationalistic governmental policies, global and regional trade alliances, and other multilateral entities on trade patterns and marketing decision-making in global firms are considered. Prerequisite: Minimum of 30 hours in business courses and an Intro to Marketing course.

Spanish Course Offering

SPAN 3000 Phonetics

SPAN 3010 Grammar & Composition I

SPAN 3030 Cultural Conversations

SPAN 3040 Business Spanish+

SPAN 3050 Spanish for Medical Professionals

SPAN 3200 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 3300 Texts and Interpretation

SPAN 3410 Survey of Spanish Literature II

SPAN 3430 Survey of Latin American Literature II

SPAN 3031 Conversation Cinema-Latin America

SPAN 4040 Translation from Spanish to English

SPAN 4050 Global Integration of Latin America*

SPAN 4201 Hispanic Dialectology & Bilingualism (spring only)

SPAN 4202 Hispanic Sociolinguistics

SPAN 4319 Borges

SPAN 4320 Contemporary Latin American Short fiction

SPAN 4413 Modern Spanish Literature

SPAN 4600 Literature & Cinema

SPAN 4700 Spanish Culture & Civilization (or HIEU 3712 Spanish Culture and Civilization)

SPAN 4704 Islamic Iberia (or HIEU 3151 Islamic Iberia)

SPAN 4705 Spanish Mass Media (or MDST 4705 Spanish Mass Media)

SPAN 4706 Spanish 20th Century History (or HIEU 3602 Spanish 20th Century History)

SPAN 4707 Introduction to Spanish Art (or ARTH 3545 Topics in 20th/21st Century Art)

SPAN 4708 Picasso (or ARTH 3545 Topics in 20th/21st Century Art)

SPAN 4709 Modern Spanish Art (or ARTH 3545 Topics in 20th/21st Century Art)

SPAN 4710 Latin American Culture & Civilization (or HILA 2110 Latin American Civilization 1492-1898)

SPAN 4713 Economy of the European Union*

SPAN 4993 Independent Study

+ Pre-requisite of 2 Spanish classes beyond the intermediate level

*Pre-requsite of 3040-Business Spanish or another Spanish language business course

Spanish courses descripts can be found  either the Business course list or the Semester course list.