UVA in Valencia, U.Va.

UVA in Valencia

A Division of the International Studies Office




The UVA in Valencia Program, serving the academic community since 1983, is an enriching and comprehensive experience for the student interested in becoming well-versed in Spanish and Latin American culture, literature, art and language. Students studying Business  will be able to enhance their studies from a global vantage point. Students of Health Sciences will have a chance to study Comparative Health Systems as they gain Spanish language skills. Engineering students can take Engineering courses in English as well as Spanish language courses. Student Athletes can experience study abroad and at the same time maintain their training schedule.

The courses offered exclusively to students enrolled in the UVA in Valencia Program.

In addition to an extensive list of courses aimed at the academic and intellectual development of the student, the UVA in Valencia Program offers a variety of activities and experiences that will not only expand your knowledge of Spain and its people, but will leave you with a lasting sense of beauty and scope of the area.