Program Reviews

"I would definitely recommend the program to other people. I feel as though the program was very professionally run, the professors were incredible, and I learned a ton while still having time to enjoy myself. The staff was very caring and understanding and any time I had a problem I felt like I could talk to the people at the Center to figure it out. The host family experience gave us a cultural immersion and practice that was absolutely priceless. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. It was absolutely life changing." Caroline (UVA) spring 2014

All of the professors are so great and my Spanish has improved immensely. It is a great place to be and everyone who works here is great too. It is a great learning opportunity and opportunity to make lifelong friends. I'm going to miss it so much. Valencia is my second home". Kelly (MSU) spring 2014

"This is the best experience I could have asked for and I would recommend this program to any interested in going to Spain" Avery (University of Richmond) fall 2012