Global Health (Summer only)

  • Each course is worth 3 credits and students will complete 6 credits per term.
  • All students will enroll in GNUR 5500 or PHS 5500-Comparative Healthcare Systems along with a Spanish language course from the summer courses offerings list.
  • Can do both summer sessions to complete 3 Spanish courses as well as Comparative Healthcare Systems. 
  • Includes visits to local health care facilities.
  • Spanish Prerequisites: Completed at least 2010-Intermediate Spanish or the equivalent.
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Global Health Course Offering

GNUR 5500 or PHS 5500-Comparative Health Care Systems (taught in English)

This course will examine the structure of health care systems in different countries, focusing on financing, reimbursement, and delivery systems. Social, ethical, cultural and political issues that affect the delivery of health care services are critically analyzed. We will also examine Spain's approach to healthcare, ranked 7th in the world, through visits to local health organizations and health care sites.

SPAN 2020-Advanced Intermediate Spanish Medical

Designed for students interested in the healthcare professions, this course is designed to give a strong foundation in the structure of Spanish, reading comprehension, and oral fluency while incorporating medical terminology.

SPAN 3050-Spanish for Medical Professionals (Prerequisite-SPAN 3010)

This course is designed for students planning to work in the health care field and who want to develop fundamental written and oral skills and vocabulary for the assessment of Spanish speaking patients in a variety of settings. Students will gain familiarity with non-technical and semi-technical functional vocabulary, along with idiomatic expressions and situational phrases that are used in medical Spanish. Medical language skills and cultural competency for health care situations will be developed as well as a review of important grammatical features.

Students can opt to select another Spanish course from the summer offerings.